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A beautifully illustrated and written overview of the gardens at Througham Court from 1930 to present day.

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THROUGHAM COURT GARDEN - "An Extraordinary Experience"

Througham Court Gardens in the Cotswolds are quite simply remarkable!
Originally developed by Norman Jewson in the 1930s as an Arts & Crafts garden, the property has been significantly developed since 2000 by the present owners Christine Facer 

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“A great voice falls silent. A great heart stops. Goodbye my beloved friend”


Charles was an enthusiastic advocate for his many passions including Maggie’s, PoMo and his science-informed landscapes.


A striking, tall, handsome figure, he stood head and shoulders above those around him, most of whom he knew. He influenced me greatly and we spent many hours debating new scientific breakthroughs and their translation into landscape design.


I learned from him, argued and laughed with him and was deeply inspired by this intelligent, charismatic, stylish and provocative polemicist.


He was a one off and remains rich in memory.


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Die neuen englischen Garten

The New English Garden now available in German with Througham Court garden on the front cover...

"Christine Facer Hoffman, scientist turned landscape architect, gives an exclusive and personal tour of her spectacular gardens at Througham Court near Miserden, which are inspired by scientific facts and theories.  A garden for the 21st Cenury, it includes the Cosmic Evolution garden, Fibonacci's Walk, Chiral Terrace, the Six (Scientific) Pillars of Wisdom and much more




Distinguished garden writer, Tim Richardson, has chosen Througham Court garden as a significant garden made in the past decade to be included in his new book published in September 2013.  "The Cotswolds goes Cosmic" in his introductory comment on the garden!

Christine has been awarded a coveted BALI award in the 2013 DESIGN EXCELLENCY category for the landscaping of Maggie's Cheltenham I.

Christine Facer's Vista presentation at the Garden Museum provided insight in to the way in which she has bridged the worlds of science and art in her symbolic landscapes.  A former Parasitologist and latterly alumni of Pickard School of Garden design, she practices in contemporary landscape design. 

Showing the influence of mathematics and scientific ideas in her work through her ongoing projects at Maggie's Centre in the Cotswold's, and her own private domain at Througham Court, her talk laid out the basis of her working methodology.

Making comparisons, in terms of the use of scientific symbolism realised in landscape form, with the work of Charles Jencks (in attendance at the talk), she suggested the differences between the two bodies of work to be in terms of scale, hers on the micro level, his the macro. Perhaps fittingly enough each practitioner's work also suggests being at the end of different kinds of the looking glasses, hers a microscope into the world of DNA, his a telescope pointed towards the cosmos.

Showing a certain scientific inquisitiveness she suggested that her work was an attempt to attract attention and engage enquiry, less concerned with the 'how' of garden design, and more interested in why we may wish to engage with the world around us .”

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Darryl Moore’s blogspot posted May 2010

BBC News Gloucestershire: "Duchess of Cornwall opens the new £2.3m Cheltenham Maggie's Cancer Care Centre.  October 19 2010.  The Duchess being shown around the centre and its garden with Dr Christine Facer (Landscape Architect of the centre) and Sir Richard MacCormac (architect of centre)"


A new gate leading from the garden to the meadow and valley beyond is being designed.  The design takes as inspiration fractal geometry and the self-similarity of a branching tree and other fractal features of the landscape.


branching  patterns  to fill space in ga