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Christine-Ann Facer over the past 15 years has run a dynamic landscape and garden design consultancy specialising in contemporary design and planting.  She is known for her cerebral, scientific creations and has achieved recognition through her radical designs for large country gardens and show gardens.

Christine Facer Hoffman a garden designer in Stroud, Gloucestershie

•  FLS (Fellow of the Linnean Society of London)

•  Certificate in CAD for Landscape Designers (Pershore College)

•  BALI registered landscape designer: Christine is a registered member of BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries, an organisation committed to delivering professional excellence in landscape and garden design. 

•  2013 BALI Design Excellence Award for Maggie's Cheltenham.

•  Diploma in Landscape Design (Distinction) Pickard School of Landscape &

Garden Design.


Partner: Facerhoffman Landscape Design

Landscape Design projects

Christine Facer Hoffman has produced innovative radical designs for clients in the UK and Italy and highly acclaimed show gardens.  She has appeared frequently on television in both a scientific and a landscape design capacity.  Her own Cotswold landscape at Througham Court is widely acknowledged as being in the forefront of contemporary 21st century design.

She has worked with the late Miriam Rothschild and more recently with the late Charles Jencks  developing  their shared interest in contemporary science and its interpretation into landscape design. She continues progressing their joint project at Througham Court which addresses epigenetics and its contribution to Darwinian evolution. 


Througham Court garden has frequently been featured on BBC Radio 4 "Growing Spaces"; HTV 'Roots and Shoots'; BBC TV Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets, Belgian TV, Austrian TV.  BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour


Freelance Lectures

Christine is a freelance lecturer with the most requested topics being the late Lady Walton's garden, La Mortella in Italy, and the Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa.  She also gives lecture tours of her own scientifically-inspired narrative garden Througham Court (which can be booked on this website).

University of Gloucestershire 

Christine Lectures to landscape architect students from the University of Gloucestershire on design principles and use of space in contemporary landscape and garden design using Througham Court as an example.  She is also involved in helping with, and assessing student landscape projects at the University.

Cheltenham Science Festival

Througham Court garden is frequently featured in the programme of this renowned Science Festival.


Christine has written and published a guide book on Througham Court Garden, available form this website.

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