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Christine-Ann Facer known internationally for her scientific contributions to the understanding of anaemia and pathogenesis of African trypanosomiasis and malaria in African children for which she was awarded the prestigious Wright Medal of the British Society of Parasitology.  She has similarly made significant contributions to the immunogenetics, immunopathology and epidemiology of the most common childhood cancer of African children, endemic Burkitt's Lymphoma.  The seroepidemiology of HIV-1 in Kenyan children and the importance of blood transfusion of the virus has been studied.  She has lived in The Gambia and Kenya and spent time researching in Brazil and Colombia with grants from The Royal Society and The Wellcome Trust.  She was a major contributor to the national and international debate on the safety of the antimalarial drug Lariam appearing frequently in discussion on the BBC1 TV programme "Watchdog" at the request of Anne Robinson and has given numerous radio/TV interviews.  She was previously a Consultant Haematologist at a large London teaching hospital and President of the British Society for Parasitology.

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