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A contemporary garden for a venture capitalist and avid collector of modern art.  The brief was for a 'very contemporary' garden for entertaining including a fire pit.  The zig-zag design adds drama to the garden: raised beds with sides of Venetian polished plaster and oak tops, act as seats.

One novel feature of the design is an 'outside inside' water feature - two distinct units that appear to be joined by using landscaping 'links'.  The inside water feature comprises a space 40cm below floor level with water bubbling over a layers of white marble pebbles - all covered by a sheet of toughened glass that can be walked on.  Lit from below, it forms a glowing and distinctive feature of the extension  to this magnificent house.

The border hedging has diagonal spaces cut into it so allowing views through to the private park beyond and 'borrowing' this landscape to make the garden appear larger without losing any privacy.

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